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A gentle reminder that the talk will happen tomorrow (Tuesday) noon at NSH

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> Today's Topics:
>    1.  AI Seminar sponsored by Apple -- Xiaolong Wang --        October 17
>       (Adams Wei Yu)
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> Subject: [AI Seminar] AI Seminar sponsored by Apple -- Xiaolong Wang
>         --      October 17
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> Dear faculty and students,
> We look forward to seeing you next Tuesday, October 17, at noon in NSH 3305
> for AI Seminar sponsored by Apple. To learn more about the seminar series,
> please visit the AI Seminar webpage <http://www.cs.cmu.edu/~aiseminar/>.
> On Tuesday, Xiaolong Wang <http://www.cs.cmu.edu/~xiaolonw/> will give the
> following talk:
> Title:  Learning Visual Representations for Object Detection
> Abstract:
> Object detection is in the center of applications in computer vision. The
> current pipeline for training object detectors include ConvNet pre-training
> and fine-tuning. In this talk, I am going to cover our works on
> self-supervised/unsupervised ConvNet pre-training as well as optimization
> strategies on fine-tuning.
> For ConvNet pre-training, instead of using millions of labeled images, we
> explored to learn visual representations using supervisions from the data
> itself without any human labels, i.e., self-supervised learning.
> Specifically, we proposed to exploit different self-supervised approaches
> to learn representations invariant to (i) inter-instance variations (two
> objects in the same class should have similar features) and (ii)
> intra-instance variations (viewpoint, pose, deformations, illumination).
> Instead of combining two approaches with multi-task learning, we organized
> the data with multiple variations in a graph and applied simple transitive
> rules to generate pairs of images with richer visual invariance for
> training. This approach brings the object detection accuracies on MSCOCO
> dataset less than 1% away from methods using large amount of labeled data
> (e.g., ImageNet).
> For object detection fine-tuning, we proposed to train object detectors
> invariant to occlusions and deformations. The common solution is to use a
> data-driven strategy -- collect large-scale datasets which have object
> instances under different conditions. However, like categories, occlusions
> and object deformations also follow a long-tail. Some occlusions and
> deformations are so rare that they hardly happen; yet we want to learn a
> model invariant to such occurrences. In this talk, we propose to learn an
> adversarial network that generates examples with occlusions and
> deformations. The goal of the adversary is to generate examples that are
> difficult for the object detector to classify. In our framework both the
> original detector and adversary are learned in a joint manner. We show
> significant improvements on different datasets (VOC, COCO) with different
> network architectures (AlexNet, VGG16, ResNet101).
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