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Hello everyone,

This is a reminder that this talk is tomorrow, Tuesday, March 1st.


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Subject: AI Seminar - Professor Leslie Pack Kaelbling - March 1, 2016
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Dear faculty and students,

We look forward to seeing you this Tuesday, March 1st, at noon in NSH 3305
for AI Seminar. To learn more about the seminar and lunch, or to volunteer
to give a talk, please visit the AI Lunch webpage

Leslie Pack Kaelbling <http://people.csail.mit.edu/lpk/>, MIT Professor of
Computer Science and Engineering, will give a talk titled "Making Robots

*Abstract:* The fields of AI and robotics have made great improvements in
many individual subfields, including in motion planning, symbolic planning,
probabilistic reasoning, perception, and learning.  Our goal is to develop
an integrated approach to solving very large problems that are hopelessly
intractable to solve optimally.  We make a number of approximations during
planning, including serializing subtasks, factoring distributions, and
determinizing stochastic dynamics, but regain robustness and effectiveness
through a continuous state-estimation and replanning process.  I will
describe our initial approach to this problem, as well as recent work on
improving correctness and efficiency through learning.


Ellen and Ariel
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