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Lorrie Faith Cranor lorrie at cs.cmu.edu
Mon Feb 6 22:45:51 EST 2017

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From: Adam Shostack <adam at shostack.org>
Subject: Please consider submitting to BlackHat
Date: February 6, 2017 at 1:24:18 PM EST
To: Lorrie Faith Cranor <lorrie at cs.cmu.edu>

Dear SOUPS community,

I'm writing to encourage you to submit to BlackHat, where we again
have a human factors track this year.  The call for papers [1] is now
open, and closes April 3. 

BlackHat is one of the largest information security conferences of the
year, attracting thousands of security professionals to Las Vegas.
The audience is looking for cutting edge content, presented in an edgy
or fun way. As a member of the BlackHat review board, I would love to
see more work on usable security presented there.

Last year, I wrote a short blog post [2] on what we look for, and I
think we had a a very interesting track [3].

The BlackHat CFP calls for work which has not been published
elsewhere.  We prefer fully original work, but will consider a new
talk that explains work you've done in a way that's appropriate for
the BlackHat audience.  Oftentimes, Blackhat does not count as
"Publication" in the view of academic program committees, and you may
be able to present "work in progress" at BlackHat that you plan to
publish later.  (You should of course check with the other venue, and
disclose that you're doing so to BlackHat.)

If you're considering submitting, I encourage you to read review board
member RSnake's How to Get Accepted at Blackhat" post from a few years
back. [4]



[1] https://www.blackhat.com/us-17/call-for-papers.html
[2] http://emergentchaos.com/archives/2016/04/humans-in-security-blackhat-talks.html
[3] https://www.blackhat.com/us-16/briefings/schedule/index.html#track/human-factors
[4] https://www.whitehatsec.com/blog/how-to-get-accepted-at-blackhat/

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