[Soups-announce] merging SOUPS email lists

Lorrie Faith Cranor lorrie at cs.cmu.edu
Thu Feb 2 16:32:32 EST 2017

For many years we have maintained the soups-announce email list at CMU to send out announcements related to the SOUPS conference. The messages are mostly announcements about SOUPS deadlines, with occasional announcements we believe will also be of interest to the SOUPS community. Everyone on the list has opted in to receiving SOUPS email at some point. USENIX is now running SOUPS and has their own email list of people who opted-in to receiving SOUPS email. We are in the process of merging both lists so they both will have the same membership. 

If you would like to be removed from the merged lists, please email me at lorrie+soups at andrew.cmu.edu and we will remove you. If you receive this email multiple times, it probably indicates that more than one of your email addresses is on the merged list. Feel free to let me know which of your addresses we should keep and which we should remove.

Lorrie Cranor

For the latest SOUPS info see https://cups.cs.cmu.edu/soups/
Email lorrie+soups at andrew.cmu.edu to be removed from this email list

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