[Soups-announce] Blackhat conference seeking human factors talks

Adam Shostack adam at shostack.org
Fri Apr 8 13:29:17 EDT 2016

Hi SOUPS community,

I'm writing to encourage you to submit to BlackHat, where we have a
human factors track this year.  You can submit work which has been
presented elsewhere, although I'll encourage you to think about the
presentation in light of the BH audience. The submission deadline is
Monday (and I apologize for not sending this note sooner).  For work
that you've published, you can likely fill out the submission form in
under an hour.


BlackHat is the largest information security conference of the year,
attracting thousands of security professionals to Las Vegas.  The
audience is looking for cutting edge content, presented in an edgy or
fun way.  They don't respond well to dry content.

As a member of the BlackHat review board, I would love to see more
work on usable security presented there.  Yesterday, I wrote a short
blog post which caused me to realize that I should reach out here.  It
provides what might be some useful
framing. (http://emergentchaos.com/archives/2016/04/humans-in-security-blackhat-talks.html)

I'm happy to try to answer questions you may have.


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