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* ********************************************************** *
*                   3rd Int. Workshop on                     *
*         Socio-Technical Aspects of Security and Trust      *                      
*           (STAST2013) - http://stast2013.uni.lu            * 
* ---------------------------------------------------------- *
*                     Co-located with                        *
*      2013 Computer Security Foundation Workshop (CSFW)     * 
*              Tulane University, New Orleans, LU, USA       *
*                       29 June 2012                         *
* ********************************************************** *

Due to the huge yet increasing number of people carrying out 
sensitive Internet transactions, security threats hardly ever 
reduce to technical threats. Rather, they are socio-technical, 
as they come from adversaries who combine social
engineering practices with technical skills. 
Humans obviously cannot be treated as machines, as they take 
actions that may seem irrational although they are perfectly 
justifiable from a cognitive and a social perspective. 
Computer security hence appears to acquire more and more the 
facets of an interdisciplinary science with roots in both 
interpretive and positivist research traditions.

The workshop intends to foster an interdisciplinary discussion 
on how to model and analyse the socio-technical aspects 
of modern security systems and on how to protect such 
systems from socio-technical threats and attacks.


Session 1: Keynote
The ever changing Threat Model - A social-technical perspective
- Jean E. Martina (Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina, Brasil)

Session 2: Assessments and Perception of Risks
Applying the Lost-Letter Technique to Assess IT Risk Appetite - Elmer
Lastdrager, Lorena Montoya, Pieter Hartel and Marianne Junger
(University of Twente)

How Privacy Flaws Affect Consumer Perception - Sadia Afroz, Aylin
C. Islam, Jordan Santell, Aaron Chapin and Rachel Greenstadt (Drexel

Transparency enhancing tools (TETs): an overview - Milena Janic, Jan
P. Wijbenga and Thijs Veugen (TNO)

Session 3: Security Properties and Cultural Differences
Toward an Ontology for Insider Threat Research: Varieties of Insider
Threat Definition - Carly Huth (CERT/SEI and CMU), David Mundie and
Sam Perl (CERT/SEI)

American and Indian Conceptualizations of Phishing - Rucha Tembe,
Kyung W. Hong, Christopher Mayhorn, Emerson Murphy-Hill and
Christopher Kelley (North Carolina State University)

Adopting the CMU/APWG Anti-Phishing Landing Page idea for Germany -
Melanie Volkamer, Simon Stockhardt, Steffen Bartsch and Michaela Kauer
(TU Darmstadt)

More information at www.stast2013.uni.lu

Bishop, Matt (Univ. of California, CA, USA)
Boyd, Colin (Queensland University of Technology, AU)
Coles-Kemp, Lizzie (RHUL, UK)
Garg, Vaibhav (Univ. of Indiana, USA)
Jakobsson, Markus (PayPal, USA)
Hartel, Pieter (Univ. of Twente, NL)
Herley, Cormac (Microsoft Research, USA)
Kammueller, Florian (Middlesex Univ., UK)
Koenig, Vincent (Univ. of Luxembourg, L)
Martina, Jean (Univ. Federal de Santa Catarina, BR)
Mauw, Sjouke (Univ. of Luxembourg, L)
Moore, Andrew P. (CERT/SEI, USA)
Moore, Tyler (SMU, TX, USA)
Ortlieb, Martin (Google, CH)
Pieters, Wolters (Univ. of Twente and TU Delft, NL)
Ryan, Peter Y. A. (Univ. of Luxembourg, LU)
Staddon, Jessica (Google, CA, USA)
Viganò, Luca (Univ. of Verona, IT)
Volkamer, Melanie (TU Darmstadt, D)
Yan, Jeff (Newcastle Univ., UK)


*** Workshop Chairs 
Giampaolo Bella (Univ. of Catania, IT)
Gabriele Lenzini (Univ. of Luxembourg, L)

*** Programme Chairs
Christian W. Probst (DTU, DK)
Trish Williams (Edith Cowan University, AU)
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