[Soups-announce] CfP WS: A Turn for the Worse: Trustbusters for User Interfaces

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Mon Mar 4 20:15:25 EST 2013

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A workshop at the Symposium On Usable Privacy and Security (SOUPS) http://cups.cs.cmu.edu/soups/2013/

Workshop paper submission deadline: May 30, 2013
Notification of workshop paper acceptance: June 10, 2013
Camera-ready submission deadline: June 24, 2013

This workshop is an opportunity to bring together HCI researchers and practitioners from different disciplines to create, explore, evaluate, and discuss possibilities for evoking distrust through UI design.

The number of situations that require us to enter and process private, personal, and confidential information has grown exponentially. Security measures are developed in order to keep this information safe. Nevertheless, there is another human factor involved in the implementation of these security measures: trust.
While privacy and security are also the focus of the design community through the provision of principles and guidelines, there is little knowledge available on the design for trust. In particular knowledge about what not to do when designing for trust is scarce. Since there are many pitfalls and few guidelines, we propose closing this gap by creating a list of trustbusters - factors that indicate what is to be avoided when designing for trust. We will take a negative approach to trust and investigate the main factors responsible for destroying the users' trust in interactive systems. We will define distrust as concepts from interdisciplinary perspectives and conduct hands-on sessions to explore factors evoking distrust through interface design.
We aim to bring together HCI researchers and practitioners from different disciplines to create, explore, evaluate, and discuss possibilities for evoking distrust through UI design. Those interested in presenting should submit distrust portfolios consisting of worst-case examples including
- a position, research, or anecdotal paper on critical or negative use of design to create distrust (e.g. interfaces that faced trust challenges because of their design),
- screenshots of design leading to distrust, or
- videos or audio material to demonstrate how design approaches can evoke distrust.
These examples will then be discussed and presented during the workshop and serve as input for the formulation of anti-guidelines, anti-heuristics, and anti-patterns. The outcome of this workshop should aid the community by showing them how not to design trustworthy UIs and how to learn from mistakes in a provocative, memorable, and comprehensible way. We plan to maintain the discussion as part of an ongoing community of researchers interested in trust aspects of user experience.
Authors of accepted papers will be invited to present their ideas at the workshop. Accepted workshop papers will be available on the SOUPS website, but will not be included in the ACM Digital library.
We invite authors to submit original papers in PDF format. Papers should use the SOUPS formatting template (LaTeX or MS Word). Submissions should be 2 to 6 pages in length, not counting appendices. The paper should be self-contained without requiring that readers also read the appendices. The appendices need not conform to the formatting template. Submissions should not be blinded. Supplemental material as screenshots and videos should be made available in downloadable format. Email inquiries and submissions to: hochleitner at cure.at<mailto:hochleitner at cure.at>
(Note: There is a 10MB size limit on email attachments to this address; for larger submissions, please provide a link to downloadable content.)

For further information and submissions please refer to http://cups.cs.cmu.edu/soups/2013/trustbusters.html

Christina Hochleitner (CURE)
Sameer Patil (HIIT, Indiana University)
Trenton Schulz (Norwegian Computing Center)
Rob Reeder (Microsoft Research)
Marc Busch (CURE)
Manfred Tscheligi (University of Salzburg)

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