[Soups-announce] U-Prism workshop Wed July 11 - Open Mic session

Lorrie Faith Cranor lorrie at cs.cmu.edu
Sun Jul 8 18:49:06 EDT 2012

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> Hi Everyone,
> We hope to see you in Washington on Wednesday July 11 for the U-PriSM
> workshop (http://cups.cs.cmu.edu/soups/2012/mobile.html) and SOUPS. The
> workshop program is available on the SOUPS website and we hope that you will
> find it interesting. We have scheduled plenty of time for discussion and
> feedback from the audience, so please don't be shy!
> We will end the day with an open mic session hosted by Serge Egelman. This
> is a great opportunity for anyone who would like a few minutes to speak
> about any topic relating to usable security and privacy for mobile devices
> and get some feedback from the audience. 
> Timeslots will be assigned on a first come, first serve basis... so if you
> already know that you'd like to speak, email Serge and reserve your spot.
> His email is serge at guanotronic.com.
> See you soon,
> Sonia and Jaeyeon
> U-PriSM organizers
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> Sonia Chiasson, PhD
> Canada Research Chair in Human Oriented Computer Security
> Assistant Professor, School of Computer Science
> Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada
> chiasson at scs.carleton.ca
> http://www.scs.carleton.ca/people/~chiasson
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