[Soups-announce] HCI 2011 workshop - Health, Wealth and Identity Theft

Lorrie Faith Cranor lorrie at cs.cmu.edu
Sat Mar 12 14:52:21 EST 2011

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Health, Wealth and Identity Theft: designing and evaluating usable 
privacy and security mechanisms for online happiness

Workshop at British HCI 2011
Newcastle, UK
5th July 2011


Call for Participation


This workshop will bring together an interdisciplinary group of
researchers and practitioners in human-computer interaction, security,
and privacy to a European venue. The goal is to discuss current and
future research directions, and promote community cohesion in a highly
interactive one-day workshop. The program will feature presentations,
discussion sessions and a "show and tell" session.


The theme of BCS HCI 2011 is "Health, Wealth and Happiness".
Electronic identity theft is a threat readily feared by the average
Internet user that can impact each one of those aspects of life.
However due to the plethora of techniques available to attackers to
achieve this, it is very difficult for end-users to perceive threats
due to their increasing sophistication and ephemeral nature. The scope
for possible intervention in this area is large as tools for
electronic identity theft are so diverse.  A sample of the many
HCI-facing research directions seen to-date include:
- mechanisms to empower users to manage privacy online
- interface interventions to combat phishing
- more secure and usable user authentication systems
- accessibility
- usability analyses of email encryption mechanisms


We solicit page position papers (2 pages max) that describe
familiarity with the field and current (or future) research
directions. All submissions should be formatted to the BCS standard
and will be published on the workshop website. Participants are also
encouraged to bring posters or demos (or both!) for an informal show
and tell session, which will take the format of a traditional poster
session. This work could comprise results presented elsewhere or late
breaking results. Initial submissions for both posters and demos
should take the form of an abstract (demo submissions should try to be
self-sufficient in terms of equipment). Submissions should be via
e-mail to l.little at northumbria.ac.uk


Lynne Coventry, Northumbria University
Alexander De Luca, University of Munich
Paul Dunphy, Newcastle University
Ivan Flechais, Oxford University
Mike Just, Glasgow Caledonian University
Tristan Henderson, University of St Andrews
Linda Little, Northumbria University
Patrick Olivier, Newcastle University
Karen Renaud, University of Glasgow
Melanie Volkamer, Center for Advanced Security Research Darmstadt


Position paper/poster/demo submission - 1st May 2011
Notification - 9th June 2011
Camera Ready - 21st June 2011
Workshop - 5th July 2011


l.little at northumbria.ac.uk
lynne.coventry at northumbria.ac.uk

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