[Soups-announce] new deadline: Workshop on Assurable & Usable Security Configuration (SafeConfig)

Lorrie Faith Cranor lorrie at cs.cmu.edu
Thu Jul 2 14:39:27 EDT 2009

This workshop is not affiliated with SOUPS, but likely to be of  
interest to SOUPS attendees.

Workshop on Assurable & Usable Security Configuration (SafeConfig)

******** NEW SUBMISSION DEADLINE: 7/15 **********


Collocated with ACM CCS 2009, Chicago, USA
November 9, 2009


A typical enterprise network might have hundreds of security devices  
such as firewalls, IPSec gateways, IDS/IPS, authentication servers,  
authorization/RBAC servers and crypto systems. These must be logically  
integrated into a security architecture satisfying security goals at  
and across multiple networks. Logical integration is accomplished by  
consistently setting thousands of configuration variables and rules on  
the devices. The configuration must be constantly adapted to optimize  
protection and block prospective attacks. The configuration must be  
tuned to balance security with usability. These challenges are  
compounded by the deployment of mobile devices and ad hoc networks.  
The resulting security configuration complexity places a heavy burden  
on both regular users and experienced administrators and dramatically  
reduces overall network assurability and usability. For example, a  
December 2008 report from Center for Strategic and International  
Studies "Securing Cyberspace for the 44th Presidency" states that  
"inappropriate or incorrect security configurations … were responsible  
for 80% of Air Force vulnerabilities" and a May 2008 report from  
Juniper Networks "What is Behind Network Downtime?" states that "human  
factors … [are] responsible for 50 to 80 percent of network device  

The fist event of this workshop was invitation-only and sponsored by  
NSF to promote research in this area. This workshop has an open call  
for paper and aims to bring together academic as well as industry  
researchers to exchange experiences, discuss challenges and propose  
solutions for offering assurable and usable security. This workshop is  
an open call for submission workshop will consist of presentations and  
panel discussions on the following topics:

* Integrating network and host configuration
* Automated forensics and mitigation
* Metrics for measuring assurability and usability:  Usable security  
often involves trade offs between security or  privacy and usability/ 
* Abstract models and languages for configuration specification
* Configuration refinement and enforcement
* Configuration of MANETS and coalition networks
* Formal semantics of security policies
* Configuration testing, debugging and evaluation
* Reasoning about uncertainly in configuration management
* Representation of belief, trust, and risk in security policies
* Configuration/misconfiguration visualization
* Configuration reasoning and conflict analysis
* Risk adaptive configuration systems
* Context-aware security configuration for pervasive and mobile  
* Configuration accountability
* Automated signature and patch management
* Automated alarm management
* Protecting the privacy and integrity of security configuration
* Optimizing security, flexibility and performance
* Measurable metric of flexibility and usability
* Design for flexibility and manageability – clean slate approach
* Configuration management vs. least-privilege

Papers must present original work and must be written in English. We  
require that the authors use the ACM format for papers, using one of  
the ACM SIG Proceeding Templates (http://www.acm.org/sigs/pubs/proceed/template.html 
). We solicit two types of papers, regular papers and position papers.  
The length of the regular papers in the proceedings format should not  
exceed 8 US letter pages, excluding well-marked appendices. Committee  
members are not required to read the appendices, so papers must be  
intelligible without them. Position papers may not exceed 4 pages.  
Papers are to be submitted electronically as a single PDF file.  
Further submission details will be available on-line. The accepted  
papers will be published in the workshop proceedings and the ACM  
Digital Library

Important Dates:
Abstract Registration (optional) 6/26
Submission deadline **EXTENDED** 7/15
Notification 8/14
Camera Ready 8/21

General Chairs:
      Ehab Al-Shaer, DePaul University
      Mohamed Gouda, UT Austin
TPC Co-Chairs
      Jorge Lobo, IBM Watson
      Sanjai Narain, Telcordia 	
      Felix Wu, UC Davis

Technical Program Committee

Gail-Joon Ahn		Arizona State University
Steven	Bellovin	Columbia University
ElisaBertino		Purdue University
Lorrie	Cranor		Carnegie Mellon University
AnnaritaGiani		UC Berkeley
VincentHu		NIST
Chin-Tser Huang	University of South Carolina
George	Kesidis	Pennsylvania State University
Hong	Li		Intel Corporation
Ninghui Li		Purdue University
Heather Lipford	UNCC
Alex Liu		Michigan State University
Xinming Ou		Kansas State University
Sanjay	Rao		Purdue University
Indrajit	Ray		Colorado State University
Subhabrata Sen	AT&T Labs - Research
Mohamed Shehab	University of North Carolina at Charlotte
Frederick Sheldon	Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Sreedhar Vugranam	IBM T.J. Watson Research Center
Jia Wang		AT&T Labs - Research
Geoffrey Xie		Naval Postgraduate School

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