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Just a reminder that the talk will be tomorrow (Tuesday) noon.

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> Today's Topics:
>    1.  AI Lunch -- Andrew Mao (MSR) -- May 9 (Adams Wei Yu)
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> Subject: [AI Seminar] AI Lunch -- Andrew Mao (MSR) -- May 9
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> Dear faculty and students,
> We look forward to seeing you Next Tuesday, May 9, at noon in NSH 3305 for
> AI lunch. To learn more about the seminar and lunch, please visit the AI
> Lunch webpage <http://www.cs.cmu.edu/~aiseminar/>.
> On Tuesday, Andrew Mao <http://www.andrewmao.net/> will give a talk :
> Title: Studying Teamwork and Cooperation in the Virtual Lab
> Abstract:
> For decades, physical behavioral labs have been a primary, yet limited,
> method for controlled experimental studies of human behavior. Now,
> software-based "virtual labs" on the Internet allow for studies of
> increasing complexity, size, and scope. In this talk, I highlight the
> potential of virtual lab experiments for studying social interaction and
> coordination. First, I present a study of cooperation in a social dilemma
> over a month of real time, using crowdsourcing participants to overcome the
> time constraints of behavioral labs. Our study of about 100 participants
> over 20 consecutive weekdays finds that a group of resilient altruists
> sustain a high level of cooperation across the entire population. We also
> explore collective intelligence and digital teamwork in "crisis mapping",
> where digital volunteers organize to assess and pinpoint damage in the
> aftermath of humanitarian crises. By simulating a crisis mapping scenario
> to study self-organization in teams of varying size, and find a tradeoff
> between individual effort in small groups and collective coordination in
> larger teams. Together, our work motivates the potential of controlled,
> highly instrumented studies of social interaction; the importance of
> behavioral experiments on longer timescales; and how open-source software
> both can speed up the iteration and improve the reproducibility of
> experimental work.
> This talk is based on joint work with Lili Dworkin, Winter Mason, Siddharth
> Suri, and Duncan Watts.
> Bio:
> Andrew Mao is currently a postdoc at Microsoft Research in NYC, where his
> research focuses on experimental studies of collective behavior using
> Internet participants by combining approaches from social and computer
> science. Andrew is especially interested in expanding the boundaries of
> experimental methods, and his work has appeared in interdisciplinary
> journals including Nature Communications and PLoS ONE as well as computer
> science conferences such as AAAI, EC, and HCOMP. He has also designed
> TurkServer (http://turkserver.readthedocs.io/), an open-source platform
> for
> real-time, interactive, web-based behavioral experiments, to share these
> methods with other researchers. He received his PhD from Harvard University
> in 2015.
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