[AI Seminar] Meetings with Iyad Rahwan on April 18

Ariel Procaccia arielpro at cs.cmu.edu
Wed Apr 5 18:56:24 EDT 2017

Hi all,

Iyad Rahwan of the MIT Media Lab will give the AI seminar talk on April 18
(title and abstract below). He'll be available for meetings on the day of
the talk. If you'd like to meet him, please email me your constraints.



TITLE: The Psychological Dilemmas of Autonomous Vehicles


Autonomous vehicles promise to revolutionize transportation and
substantially improve safety. But they also made salient an  ethical
question: how should an algorithm decide relative risk in situations of
unavoidable harm? I present a series of psychological  studies that explore
how people think about such scenarios, and discuss  the regulatory
challenges these studies reveal. I also describe a crowdsourcing effort
that engaged millions of people worldwide with the  ethical questions
facing car makers and regulators.
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