[AI Seminar] PhD Linear Programming course at Tepper

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In the same vein, I start teaching an introductory graph theory class at Tepper (syllabus enclosed) which begins tomorrow. All interested students are welcome.


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These courses might be of interest to many of you (or your students).
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Hi Ariel,

I hope your summer went well and you are off to a great start of the semester.

I will be teaching the PhD Linear Programming course this Fall at Tepper. I think some of the students at CS might be interested in this course. I will very much appreciate if you can disseminate this information.

In Fall 2016 (mini-1), I will be teaching a PhD level Linear Programming course (47-834). This course is a required course for PhD students in our Operations Research, Algorithms, Combinatorics and Optimization and Operations Management PhD programs. In addition to these students, we usually have various students from Computer Science, Robotics, Chemical Engineering and other engineering and business areas. This course serves the basis for the rest of the PhD level Optimization courses we teach in these PhD programs and at Tepper. The course syllabus is attached to this email, interested students are welcome to get in touch with me.



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